Terms & Conditions

By contracting and using the service offered by Didakh, LLC., registered company in Florida, United States with document number L16000210711, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Provisions of this agreement. Also, when using or contracting these services, you will be subject to any corresponding rule or guide of use published for those services. The contracting or use of the services offered by Didakh, LLC. will constitute the acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, please do not use Didakh, LLC. services.

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Images, photographs or videos made by Didakh, LLC. or Aerial Eagle Drone (a division of Didakh, LLC.) are privately owned by the Company. Didakh, LLC. reserves the right to deliver, produce or broadcast these images.

Didakh, LLC. is not responsible for any image taken in photographs or videos required by the contracting party. Any copyright claimed in the photographs or filmed videos are the responsibility of the contracting party, who must previously request the necessary permissions for Didakh, LLC. to make such photographs or videos.

Both web pages www.aerialeagledrone.com and www.didakh.com, and the videos and photographs made by Didakh, LLC. or Aerial Eagle Drone, as well as their characteristics and functionality are protected by international copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property laws or property rights.

The contracting party is committed not to cut, edit or alter any image, video or programming made and delivered by Didakh, LLC. and/or Aerial Eagle Drone without prior permission of the contracted company.

The broadcasting of logos, images or information created, recorded or photographed by Didakh, LLC. and/or Aerial Eagle Drone is solely and exclusively for private use and may be used and broadcasted with the consent and agreement of Didakh, LLC. after having received payment for the services offered to the contracting party.

Didakh, LLC. may use any material photographed, filmed or obtained for the making of the final product freely and without the approval or permission of the contracting party. This material may be used by Didakh, LLC. as a means of broadcasting, examples of work, informative videos, exposed photographs and any other means if necessary.

Payment for the services contracted with Didakh, LLC will be stipulated by both parties in the service contract. The contracting party may make this payment with credit or debit card, checks payable to Didakh, LLC., bank transfer and/or PayPal.
If the service contract between both parties is terminated by mutual agreement, Didakh, LLC. is committed to refund the entire payment made (if this were the case), minus 3% if it was made by credit card.

Didakh, LLC. is committed to deliver the work finished by the agreed date, provided the company has all the necessary material for the edition of the videos and/or photographs.
Depending on the type of video or the number of photographs or processes required to make the final product, the delivery date may be affected without the Didakh, LLC. being in default.

Didakh, LLC. may terminate the contract or service with the contracting party at any time for delays or non-payment by the contracting party to Didakh, LLC..

In the event that the contract or service is canceled, Didakh, LLC. may seize or destroy the material in possession if wished. Didakh, LLC. may keep all provisions of this agreement, including but without limitation to ownership provisions, warranty waivers, indemnities, and limitations of liability.

Didakh, LLC. reserves the right to modify or change these conditions whenever and however it might be necessary. Also, the permanent use of the page will mean the acceptance of any change or modification to such terms. In case of any change or modification in our Privacy Policies, these will be communicated via email and through the websites www.aerialeagledrone.com and www.didakh.com under the Terms and Conditions.
Any change or modification of the Terms and Conditions will be published 30 calendar days before these new changes begin into effect.
Didakh, LLC. recommends our customers to read these Terms and Conditions on a regular basis before hiring our services.